Steven Strogatz, the Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Applied Mathematics in the College of Arts & Sciences at Cornell University, talks about math's ability to reveal hidden patterns in our everyday lives. Aug. 29, 2016
- YouTube

World Science Festival

Panel discussion about Ramanujan, the nature of genius, and the film "The Man Who Knew Infinity", March 16, 2016.
- World Science Festival and 92nd St Y

3Blue1Brown channel on YouTube

Grant Sanderson and Steven Strogatz discuss a fresh twist on a classic problem, April 1, 2016.
- YouTube

Aspen Ideas Festival

Deep Dive: Is Math Important? – a panel discussion at the Aspen Institute, June 30, 2015.
- Aspen Institute

Lewis Thomas Prize

Alan Alda interviewed Ian Stewart and Steven Strogatz about the joy of math on March 30, 2015.
- Rockefeller University

Why Learn Math?

Strogatz sees the beauty in math, and encourages all others to take a look.
- World Science Festival

Induction Speech at the 2012 American Academy of Arts & Sciences

The ceremony was held on Saturday, October 6, 2012, in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
- American Academy of Arts & Sciences

Coupled Oscillators That Synchronize Themselves

This is the first of three lectures given by Strogatz in the spring of 2011 as part of the MIT Department of Mathematics' Simons Lecture Series. The annual Simons Lecture Series celebrates the most exciting mathematical work by the very best mathematicians of our time.
- MIT Mathematics

Social Networks That Balance Themselves

The second of Strogatz's Simons Lectures, given in the MIT Department of Mathematics in April 2011
- MIT Mathematics

Blogging About Math for The New York Times

Strogatz's third Simon's Lecture at MIT, given April 22, 2011.

- MIT Mathematics

Interview About Writing

"When you're solving math problems … the questions you ask, the techniques you use to try to solve the problem, that's where all the creativity is. But there's no creativity in the answer. But that doesn't feel true in writing. That feels like unbridled creativity from beginning to end."
- A Well-Lighted Place

Math for the Masses

Strogatz spoke at the Communicators@Cornell luncheon on June 17, 2010. Using examples from his recent New York Times column, Strogatz discussed the challenge of writing about complex ideas for a general audience.
- Cornell University College of Arts and Sciences

A Simple Rhythm—Trailer

The documentary about synchronization in nature aired at the Calgary International Film Festival and Vancouver International Film Festival in 2010.
- Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival

Steven Strogatz + Carlo Ratti

Strogatz mathematically describes how natural and sociocultural complexity resolves into vast webs of order. Carlo uses technology as a tool to create interactive urban environments. In this video Salon, Strogatz and Carlo discuss whether building and analyzing human networks can help us overcome our poor mathematical understanding of complexity.
- The SEED Salon, SEED Magazine

How Kevin Bacon Cured Cancer
(also known as “Connected: The Power of Six Degrees”)

This documentary about networks was the 2009 winner of the Australian Museum Eureka Prize, the most prestigious award in Australian science, and the 2010 winner of Best Film, SCINEMA Festival of Science Film Competition.
- ABC Australia/Discovery Channel Canada/Discovery Science Channel/BBC Two

The Science of Sync

Strogatz shows how flocks of creatures (like birds, fireflies, and fish) manage to synchronize and act as a unit—when no one's giving orders. The powerful tendency extends into the realm of objects, too.